Prime Business Capital is a South African, Johannesburg based, boutique private equity firm investing in both portfolio companies and mineral resources companies. The company is a sector-agnostic investor and will consider investments in jurisdictions globally, although Sub-Saharan Africa is given special preference as an emerging market. The company also provides capital raising and corporate/ transaction advisory services to clients, having established a solid footprint in the markets across the globe. Our two-pronged business strategy as an investor and a capital raising firm, is well suited to our business model which takes advantage of the global demand for growth capital in both the emerging and developed markets, and the diverse financing solutions requirements by companies worldwide.


We invest growth equity in fast growing private companies with proven business models, winning management teams, and strong customer traction and retention, across various sectors. We prefer businesses that are profitable or have a clear path to profitability. Our investment in resources specifically considers private or listed junior mining companies whose projects are preferably post feasibility studies and at development phase or beyond. We invests across most minerals except coal, and in most jurisdictions, with special preference for assets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Capital raising

Prime Business Capital started as a capital raising firm and later established an investment arm that targets growth companies with promising good returns. Our specialist team of experienced professionals has an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of credit products and financing solutions typically offered by various financiers and investors and are well attuned to maximize success in our investments and capital raising processes.

Prime Business Capital will connect the dots for you ...

... to enable you to fulfill your business or project's financing needs.