Services and Investment

Investment: Prime Business Capital is a sector agnostic investor in portfolio companies with demonstrated high growth and profitable profiles. The company also invests in mining resources companies with projects that are post feasibility studies, and are in development or beyond.

Capital raising: We also provide capital raising and corporate/ transaction advisory services across various sectors and jurisdictions globally.   

The following are the investment areas covered by Prime Business Capital:


  • Road, railroad and bridge infrastructure 
  • Water and sanitation infrastructure (supply, treatment, and storage)
  • Power and energy infrastructure (renewable as in solar PV, hydroelectric, geothermal, and transmission and distribution grids)
  • ICT infrastructure (the broader internet, cellular networks, optical backhaul, and local area networks)
  • Healthcare infrastructure (clinics, hospitals and medical centres)
  • Aviation infrastructure (airports, air traffic controls, and aircrafts)
  • Agri-processing infrastructure (only downstream secondary agricultural manufacturing industry is considered


Prime Business Capital invests in mineral development projects across all stages, including exploration (post FS), development, construction, production, and expansion that are developed by either private or listed junior or mid-tier miners. We are also able to raise investment capital for these projects on mandates where we do not invest directly. Preferred investment regions are the mining investment-friendly jurisdictions located in any of Sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Europe, and Australia. Minerals covered are base metals (non-ferrous industrial metals), battery minerals (lithium, graphite, cobalt, manganese and nickel), precious metals (gold and silver), PGMs (platinum, palladium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and ruthenium), uranium, iron ore (hematite and magnetite), and diamonds (pipe and alluvial mining). We strictly consider only mining assets with world-class and high-grade ore deposits, and well defined mineralization. 


This is an energy sector that comprises of three areas, viz. upstream, midstream and downstream. Financing projects in this industry comprises of highly complex transactions, and therefore before undertaking to assisting clients to raising capital and investment for such projects, PBC will thoroughly assess and evaluate the structure, financing options, and risks typically associated with the oil and gas industry. Typical financing instruments will include reserve-based lending (RBL) where debt facilities will be raised against 1P (development) or 2P (producing) reserves, development finance, pre-export finance, equity bridge loans (EBLs), revolving credit facilities, gas project finance, hybrid financings and hedging, and others.


Mergers and acquisitions are part of the life cycle of any business, and often help businesses to expand, acquire new expertise, move into new areas, or improve their output with one simple transaction. M&A transactions are normally financed through equity and/or debt instruments, or through company reserves. Finding the right financing structure for an acquisition can sometimes be the most challenging part of the process particularly with respect to how it is structured, and Prime Business Capital will either invest to finance the transaction, or assist clients to finance the transaction through capital raising.