Who we are

Prime Business Capital is a privately owned South African boutique investment firm specializing in private equity investment, capital raising, and corporate advisory services. As an investor, our focus is predominantly in the private sector where we have developed and are investing in mission-driven customized portfolio solutions for our investees and clients, investing across the growing market opportunity.

On the capital raising side of our business, we work closely with a wide range of local and international financiers and investors ranging from private equity firms, institutional investors, development funding institutions (DFIs), impact funding institutions, family offices, export credit agencies, sovereign wealth funds, and other alternative secondary market investors who specialize in complex financial instruments. Each transaction is assessed and evaluated by a team of qualified and experienced personnel that understands the industries for which investment finance is sought, and the appropriate deal structuring necessary for each transaction.   

Our investment approach is sector agnostic and global. In mineral resources investment, we will invest equity and/or debt in mining projects that are at late exploration, development, or construction stages. Our investment in portfolio companies is strictly in companies that have demonstrated profitability and are at growth stage.

Where we raise capital for clients, we do so across sectors, viz. energy (renewable, and transmission & distribution grid infrastructure), mining, healthcare, ICT, manufacturing, agriculture and agro-processing, and others. 

Our business has a global footprint, with clients and invested assets located in various jurisdictions globally. Prime Business Capital promotes ESG emphasis in project diligence and we insist that all projects that have a total investment capital cost profile of US$10 million or more, and a social and environmental impact, should comply with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Projects must also comply with the Equator Principles (EP4) and IFC Performance Standards that apply globally and to all sectors. We regard developmental and impact investing as valuable vehicles to improving the living conditions of millions of citizens especially in emerging markets and as such, we attach serious and uncompromising value on adherence to these noble Principles and Standards.

What we do

As an investor and independent capital raising firm, we recognize that our potential investees and clients will have very specific and individual financing needs, hence we work closely with their executive management teams to understand their requirements and tailor solutions to their particular needs. Securing investment can be an arduous and complex process that has become increasingly challenging to most businesses, hence companies that have worked with the team of technical and financial experts at Prime Business Capital, which has decades of combined experience in the financial sector, and technical expertise in various industries, have found it very rewarding and less stressful to navigate the investment process with the guidance of our experienced team.  


We invest in companies where we can meaningfully enhance their value through the investment and supporting management in key value creation areas.  We are value-adding partners to management teams seeking to build growing, dynamic companies, and we leverage our deep sector experience and broad network of strategic advisors to help management scale their companies at an accelerated pace or drive their projects with diligence and confidence.

Capital raising

We guide our clients on what is typically required to package their projects in order to attract and secure funding or investment, and on reasonable commercial terms. To ensure that we can assess and evaluate projects expeditiously, we require clients to streamline the information package provided to us, or located in their data rooms, to ensure that we don't experience unnecessary delays and possible bottlenecks. The completeness of information from clients is crucial to enabling us to achieving results expeditiously. For specialist financing transactions such as for mining projects, we leverage both inhouse and external specialists such as geologists, process engineers, and financial modelling consultants that review all documentation received including financial models, CPR reports, mineral resource and reserve statements, and investor presentations to ensure that the information provided meets with the financing criteria and requirements of investors.


Prime Business Capital’s strategic goals on value creation is based on eight pillars combining principles of sound execution, bespoke strategies, governance, human capital best practices and strong company-wide processes. Through our investments, we seek to create value by maximizing returns and minimizing risks. We are dedicated to providing a full suite of financing solutions for both investees and our clients, that are seeking growth, acquisitions and to finance their development projects. Having both invested and raised over US$2 billion in the past six years, our goal is to double this amount in the 2024/2025 financial year period.  

Our vision is to become one of the leading players in mobilizing investment capital to help small and medium businesses particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, to grow, expand, and successfully deliver their projects, thus contributing to the growth of the economies of the countries in which they are located. We will foster strategic business partnerships and alliances in investments across the sectors for the efficient and successful delivery of financing and investment solutions particularly to business growth and infrastructure developments in Sub-Saharan Africa and those jurisdictions we choose to invest in.

Our mission is to provide the best value to our investees and clients, grow a profitable business, develop, and reward our people, and encourage social responsibility. We will strive to become a powerful enabler for the mobilization of financial resources for deployment in financing small to medium enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa in particular.

Prime Business Capital will use its distinct presence and competitive advantage to create value-added services to enhance the development of sustainable economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our ultimate mission therefore, is premised to assisting Sub-Saharan African economies, working with the private sector, through our investments and services to stimulate economic growth and to create jobs and reduce high levels of unemployment.